Sunday, 28 September 2014

Things of interest but no importance

What should I do today? What author shall I quote to sound smarter than I actually am? What thing
will I ramble about incessantly? Or maybe I'll just write a filler article. Maybe.

I wait at my computer.
I remember my past meetings with A. I played Orange Roulette with him once. Best online game known to man. A is coming so he and I can celebrate our disappointment. With a disappointment
party. A party to celebrate that the NO vote has screwed fair Scotland over.

                                                                         The Y U NO Guy is owned by the Y U NO Guy. Nobody sue me. 

I wait some more. I know that I should probably be doing my homework. But then again this IS the
internet. Procrastination rules supreme. Nerds prey on the n00bs. Manga characters based on
horrible life-threatening diseases exist. People get screwed for no reason.

I ponder if anything readable can come from me sitting around voicing my innermost thoughts to
complete strangers. I stare blankly at the page. Why are n00bs shunned? Should they not be respected? Should they not be seen as the next generation of players? Should they not be shown the path by experienced Players? If we run out of n00bs we will run out of players. Perhaps it is a form of TOUGH LOVE the n00b-haters are showing. Perhaps they ARE teaching the next generation. I am so touched.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Donnie Darko Review: The internet is a thief

After a busy day of doing nothing that could be construed as interesting, intelligent or useful I switch on my computer and start blogging. The possibilities were endless. A filler article that brought up
absolutely nothing? A long rambling mess that ended on an obvious note? Nah.
How about ponies? People like those. But I'd be sued by Hasbro and the Mexican drug cartel.
Have some ponies anyway! PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES How about an article about........ A film. A review of sorts.  What film though? What film
should I moan about? What plot shall I misinterpret? What ideas shall I taint? What visions shall I rip to shreds?

How about Donnie Darko? That was a good film. A Really Good film. A film which made you
think. Confused you. Made you laugh. Made you go "Hmm. That's a bit of a shame". Made you
go "Wow". Made you mull it over. That film was good. But what should I say?
What things should I talk about? I know! The plot. The thing that really hits you over the head.
That shoestring. 

When I first watched Donnie Darko I hastened over to the internet to see what theories I could
see. It turned out that to understand the film easier you needed to read the Philosophy of Time Travel
by Roberta Sparrow AKA Grandma Death (which was bundled with the Director's Cut). I read the theory and in return I got.....emptiness.
Part of the film's mystique, grandeur and perhaps even magnificence was stolen by me not being in the dark. The internet had stolen the Donnie Darko mystery. The mystery of what the hell just happened.
It was not as if it was entirely subjective either. The theory was based on the PoTT.
I loved Donnie Darko BECAUSE I was baffled and bemused by it. My father came up with another
theory in which Frank was real and Donnie went back and killed himself in order to save Gretchen.
I envy him. I disagree with his theory. Mostly because it doesn't take into account Frank's bloody eye in the theatre scene and how Frank died later in the movie. But the writer of that Donnie Darko
website tied everything together.......and I hate him for it.

The film, when watched for the first time, gives the impression that every scene has a special meaning but you don't know what it is. That with every minute the movie is telling you something
new. Something beyond your ken. It is otherworldly. It is strange. It is unlike any movie I have ever
seen. That is why I recommend you get the original cut instead of the director's cut.

                                           Donnie Darko is owned by Pandora Cinema, Flower Films and Adams Field Productions.
                                                                     Please don't sue me. I have parents. Sue them.

False statistics

Aha! My obsessive checking of how my blog looks led to some false statistics. I think I could con
Adsense with this tactic. Of course I would wouldn't do that! That would be illegal. Illegal means

I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes 


Hunter S Thompson    

This picture belongs to wikimedia. Please don't sue me.

I feel the same, Hunter. I feel the same. 
I personally don't understand disco. I understand concerts and I understand raves.
But disco? Nah. Maybe it's a super secret culture that I just don't get.
Probably. I don't get a lot of things.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rabid fans and their affect on how many bottles of milk are produced in today's wonderful economy

Hey. I'm Nix. I'm a bit of a hipster. I ramble a bit, hence the name of my blog. I will have to remain anonymous for now as dunkin' donuts'll sue me if they find out I revealed my face to the world. I also like the name Nix. The only other thing you need to know about me is that I am a special widdle snowflake with special widdle opinions.

Today I'm going to to talk to the undoubtedly small percentage of the population who is reading this
about rabid fans. It is a subject discussed by many internauts to the point of being somewhat cliche and the general consensus is IF U DUN LYK DUN WATCH. Unless you are a ranter or a hipster or a critic or the legendary beast known as a reasonable person (in some rare cases the reasonable person is a hybrid of two species) in which case the general consensus is "God, those rabid fans are annoying. I wish they'd shut up". And then there are the extremists. Don't get me started on those.

The group that gets the most hate for some reason is the bronies. Bronies are regarded as the quintessential rabid fanbase Now, there are some people who regard bronies with confusion. I get that. I used to be confused as to why grown men would like a show about ponies. I came to a realisation that perhaps the show might not have been as stupid as I first thought when I watched my favourite critic reviewing it. I'm even considering
illegally downloading perfectly legally downloading off itunes (only first season? BEAST MODE ACTIVATE!) a few episodes. Honestly, bronies look like a normal fanbase. Perverted fanart,
obsessive behaviour, a crappy looking documentary about them on Netflix: these are not out of the ordinary. I think it is merely because they have a reputation for spamming. A lot. Every fanbase has rabid fans. I have no idea why everyone is worked up about their existence especially when you look
at the fact that there are probably FAR more people picking on bronies than  there are spamming bronies. In all my time on YouTube I have seen a grand total of 0 spamming bronies yet I see an enraged (not confused, enraged) comment on pretty much every My Little Pony video. That doesn't mean that the brony fanbase does not have a bad side, that it does not have creeps and spammers but I only remember one mildly annoying comment from a brony from my time on the internets. There is also a group called the Anti-Brony Brotherhood. They make bad (in my opinion) videos saying that all Bronies in the history of the universe are bad. They view Bronyship (or whatever it is called) as a disease and abuse anybody who doesn't agree with their opinion. I'll probably have to hide behind a VPN after posting this on my blog. Only problem is that my one isn't working. Oh well, I'll download
another. I am baffled that these people exist. I honestly am. They go on and on about how bronycon
is 'corrupt' and it might be. The ABB probably just saw a guy quietly smoking a joint in a corner and thought that Hasbro was in cahoots with the Mexican drug cartel (It probably is). In fact, they call bronies 'corrupted' too.
Hmmm. I think you mean Hasbro is corrupted. You see, ABB, corrupt companies aren't exactly in short supply. Google is essentially evil but I still use YouTube. Heck, the webhost I am using to write this blog is owned by Google. Corrupt corporations will never go away. Never. We might as well live with it. All we can do is try to campaign to make them slightly less corrupt. The worst thing is that
all the awesome things on the internet probably have an evil company behind them.

I almost became a rabid fan once. It was during a NateTalksToYou video in which he responds to
PewDiePie's apology video. After being exposed to a few minutes of it I seethed with rage. Nate's
(rather valid) criticisms looked harsh and unfair back then. It was like that bit in Kingdom Hearts
when Sora almost turned into a heartless. I decided it was all pretty subjective even in my heartless form and didn't react.  I figure it was something in PewDiePie's kind, warm and accepting manner that prompted such a rash reaction. Or maybe it was his deep blue eyes. Or his amazing jumper. After a while PewDiePie's videos got samey. I grew weary of his brand of humour. It was at a visit to my Grandma's that I had an epiphany. Nate's criticisms were pretty valid! I then resolved never to have such a knee-jerk reaction to a YouTube video again.

PewDiePie's fans (in my opinion, okay?) are more deserving of their reputation as spammers.
Defending PewDiePie against tiny criticisms (as I almost did in my heartless form).
Spamming other users because they 'copied' PewDiePie.
All the usual stuff you hear on every single PewDiePie-related post on any site ever.
Granted, the problems have pretty much disappeared since the demolition of the YouTube comments
section, though. Which doesn't give me much to complain about. Oh dear.

In conclusion, rabid fans should just be ignored or laughed at. Just enjoy the better parts of your fanbase even if the stupidity of these comments is enough to make you want to put a gun to your head. If you must pay attention to them, if they are so mind-numbingly stupid that you HAVE to
react in some way then my advice is to laugh. Laugh long and hard. Preferably with friends after a
few joints,beers or both. Either that or go round to their house and smah their keyboard with a sledgehammer.